iMusic is a powerful piece of software that offers a huge range of flexibility in managing your music contents. iMusic specializes in managing your iTunes music collection as well. In fact, iMusic transforms the entire usability and flexibility of iTunes in an easier manner.
For example, you can directly sync your local and iTunes music collection directly with your iOS/Android device with just one click. You can also grab music from any other source like YouTube, Spotify, Dailymotion etc.
However, iMusic isn’t a complete alternative for iTunes. There are still tons of music on the iTunes store that you can’t listen anywhere else. There are also a number of conveniences from iTunes that you definitely don’t want to miss out. However, iMusic makes your life a lot easier with a number of various features and easier workflow.
The thing that really makes iMusic great is the ability to grab content from almost all the popular online content sites and syncing your music with any of your iOS/Android device(s).
Let’s figure out the usability and benefits along with the effort required for enjoying iMusic.


At first, let’s have a look at the app.

Every single available option in the interface is simple and self-explaining. There’s literally no learning curve in enjoying all the features of the tool.
When you open the app, you’ll land on the “Music Library”. This is the default screen where you can access all your music collection. For navigating, you have the top bar with total 4 different tabs, each of them offering different feature subsets.
Overall, the interface is very clean and free of cluttering.


  • Transfer music between Apple devices and iTunes
With the app, you don’t have to worry about the devices at all. You can directly transfer files from one Apple device directly to another.
Feel free to interchange your music from iTunes Library to your iPhone, iPod, and iPad without any duplication or overwriting the existing data. Just hit the copy button and you’re good to go!
  • Transfer music between Apple and Android devices
iMusic successfully operates with both the major platforms without any type of issues. Got music in your iTunes Library? No need to worry about.
Sync and enjoy all your music directly to any of your Android devices. iMusic works perfectly with all the Android devices including the flagship ones like Samsung, Sony, ZTE, Lenovo and HUAWE etc.
  • Backup/rebuild iTunes Library
When you somehow lost all your local music from your iTunes Library, you have to get them again. With the help of iMusic, you can successfully keep your music safe from the damage.
With the handy rebuilding feature, get back your iTunes Library and every other music right away, without needing to download them from the internet again.
  • Powerful toolbox
  • Tools are always useful and handy in a number of situations. The arsenal of iMusic contains a handful of tools that can offer you advantages at a number of situations. The list includes the following tools:
    • Remove DRM – Are you in need of enjoying a music that’s protected with DRM? Grab it right away with this powerful tool!
    • Car playlist – Ready to go on a tour? Grab all your music on a USB stick and enjoy them on the way!

Exploring the app

Let’s have a quick tour over the app
  • Get Music
Let’s start with the “Get Music” section. Here, you can locate your favorite music online and grab any of them whenever you want.

In the “Discover” tab, you can visit any music you like on all the popular content sites.

“Download” tab allows you directly grabbing the specific content for you.
You may be listening to a music but not sure where to grab it? The handy “Record” tool allows you to start recording the music right away!

  • Music Library
All the music you grab from the internet and sync from iTunes are displayed here.

You can also perform a number of tasks on the collected music.

  • Device
Here, you can easily sync all your music directly to your Android/iOS device instantly. Just plug your device with your computer and let iMusic do the job.

  • Toolbox
A collection of numerous handy tools to aid you in lots of situations.


iMusic provides a handful of features when it comes to managing your music. It can work as an ultimate tool for complementing your iTunes Library. You can also use iMusic as your sole music manager.
Out of all the features, the finest ones are the ability of grabbing any music out of internet and transferring all the music from one device to another. It offers grabbing the music on the most popular file formats for the maximum inter-device compatibility.
However, there’s a problem with listening to audio from other devices while running the app. It feels like the sound and video comes up 1-2 seconds late. That can be of some annoyance.
Overall, iMusic is a great app to grab right now. It’s a premium software offering a full-functional trial version for up to 10 tracks. You can get the premium version right here.
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