The logo creates a small window through which people recognize the identity of your company. Now to create a logo is a very important step for building brand identity, especially if you start an online business. Find yourself that you do not have any knowledge of Photoshop or any other design program, then think about hiring a professional designer to design your own logo, but find that you have a limited budget. Is there any other way to do it? In the post, we will talk about a free online logo service called DesignEvo.

Unlike other graphic design software, DesignEvo works online without downloading so you can design a special logo directly in your browser. DesignEvo contains thousands of professionally designed templates that can be easily modified to matches your brand, your company or your website. Also checkout Android application Logo Designer

DesignEvo is easy to use, and any computer user with internet knowledge can design his own logo. To get started, click the “Make a Free Logo” button on the homepage. It will take you to a new page where you will find more than 7000 ready-to-use templates. There are many categories available such as agriculture, animals, pets, technology, food, fashion, and education. You can also use the search box to find any particular logo. Once the logo template is selected, you will be taken to the editing canvas where you can make edits to your logo.

How to Edit Logo Text

To make the logo your own, you need to enter the name or slogan of your business. There are 100+ text fonts available from which you can choose to use and edit with a different style. By changing the size, color, spacing, alignment or adding a letter outline and curved effect, you will get the unique and perfect typography.

Add Icons and Shapes

DesignEvo offers millions of searchable icons. By entering a few keywords, you will find the icons that match your needs. Beyond that, DesignEvo also comes with many shapes, lines, symbols, banners, and other graphics. You can select the one you want and scale it to almost any size without loss of quality as they are all in vector format.

Preview Your Logo before Downloading

When you have finished editing the logo, you can preview how it will look like when placed on different projects. The preview function in DesignEvo offers you a variety of models so you can preview your logo on the business card, t-shirt, letterhead, website, company wall, etc.

Download Your Logo

DesignEvo offers three plans for you when you are going to download your logo. The free plan allows the free download of logos in JPG or PNG format with a maximum resolution of 500 x 500 pixels. For online uses such as putting it as a website banner or social media profile, this is enough. The basic plan costs you $19.99, which will let you download high-resolution logos in 5000px with a transparent background. For $39.99, you can even download a plus logo in vector format (PDF and SVG), and with copyright ownership of your logo. The prices are quite affordable and economical. You can see more details here.


DesignEvo provides a simple and effective solution for online logo creation. The most important thing is that you can design beautiful logos without the knowledge of any graphics editing program. With the templates provided in the gallery, vast collections of graphics and handy editing feature, everyone who needs a logo can play with DesignEvo and get a really impressive design in a fraction of the time.
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