Mobile technology is growing in dominance and show no signs of letting up. Across the board, businesses and industries have all made a deliberate move to invest in their mobile aspect of their product/service. This is extremely important more so in highly competitive and driven environments like the online gaming and casino industry, which is putting its focus on mobile casino gaming. Now with the coming of 5G which is set to become a reality over the next couple of years, the potential of mobile will have no bounds and really looked set to cause disruption in many different areas. It is interesting though to look at which industries are going to benefit most from the introduction of 5G, which will see lower power requirements, higher speeds and lower latency for a start.

Health Industry

The health industry is really want that looks set to majorly benefit from the introduction of 5G and it may even be able to assist in relieving some of the pressure currently on healthcare professionals. Medicine is often quite slow to embrace new technology, but really has the opportunity to take advantage on 5G. Options will be created in regard to offering new ways to deliver training, give greater control to hospitals over assets, provide technology that allows more people to access more services in quicker and most cost-effective ways. Virtual GP appointments will become more popular with the use of 5G as they will become a much smoother experience. It is most probable that wearable medical devices like drug delivery systems will become commonplace, along with connected ‘wearables’ that are able to remotely monitor patients. The low latency and high speed of 5G will make the use of augmented and virtual reality in medicine more usable and will be effective in ways such as a providing training tools for surgeons and immersive experiences for patients.


A report produced earlier on this year valued the highest section of the $1.23 trillion 5G market as Energy Utilities, at 20%. This sector is currently facing a lot of challenges, many of which could be alleviated by the help of 5G. Energy grids is going to continue to become more intuitive and 5G is now being touted as the important link that will be able to support machine type communications which will be able to protect and control the grid. The number of smart meters will continue to grow, and this growth will see an increase in communication needs and for this to work effectively a high bandwidth, high capacity infrastructure is needed. Customers will also be able to benefit from receiving real time information in regard to their energy usage at home and then make adjustments to their habits to improve their efficient use of energy.


Transport is another area that is going to be enhanced by the introduction of 5G. The ultra-fast new network will mean that vehicles will be able to communicate almost in real time with its environment, as a result of the super low latency levels it will experience. This will mean that vehicles will be able to dynamically react and adjust to the environment that lies ahead on the road, this should hopefully see a reduction in accidents and therefore a reduction in fatalities. 5G will also speed up the introduction of fully autonomous vehicles and will help such projects as Google Auto and Apple Car Play get off the ground. Public transport can also definitely benefit from 5G in several ways. It will mean that connected vehicles can be tracked in real time accurately by customers, meaning they will know exactly what time their train or bus will arrive.
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