In what seems to be an unprecedented move, the Supreme Court of the United States recently moved to overturn the 1992 PASPA law prohibiting legal online sports betting in the majority of the United States (with the notable exception of the state of Nevada). Leading the way, Nevada’s biggest gambling competitor, the state of New Jersey was the main driving force behind the landmark ruling. Given that New Jersey has a long and winding history with gambling, many find the revelation hardly surprising.
In 2013, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed a bill into law allowing online casino gambling in the state, we take a look at how New Jersey online casinos use the latest digital technology in an ongoing effort to keep gamblers from crossing digital state lines. It makes sense since New Jersey is an enticing peach which many would-be online gamblers covet, with top online casinos like 888 casino nj plying their trade in New Jersey cyberspace. New Jersey’s intricate and highly sophisticated firewall works tirelessly to keep players not actually within the states boundaries from breaching any of the top online casinos licensed by the state and placing a few bets with them. Think of the firewall as a giant invisible fence, neatly encircling the state in a secure digital fortress, but how effective is it in reality?

How New Jersey’s Security Fence Works

In a constant ongoing effort to ensure that only people within the borders of New Jersey gamble at New Jersey gambling establishments, online casinos use a technology known as geo-fencing. Geo-fencing works as a virtual perimeter around the entire state and uses multiple tracking techniques to stay on top of would-be gamblers constant movements. This includes actively tracking basic cell phone signals (cell towers), Wi-Fi locations (mobile or otherwise), and IP addresses. This then effectively allows New Jersey online casinos to accurately monitor the location of every incoming bet in real time.
So, if you happen to be anywhere outside of New Jersey, like New York or Philadelphia for example, you won’t be able to log in to any New Jersey online casino to play slots, or get a seat at any virtual roulette or blackjack table. Of course, there are many questions as to how New Jersey online casinos are able to guarantee accuracy and one has to consider the threat of gamblers simply using virtual private networks (VPN’s) to simply circumvent the geo-fencing protocols.
To start with, any New Jersey resident who wishes to gamble at a New Jersey online casino has to give the online casino in question consent to track their location. This is a non-negotiable point and anyone who does not want their location tracked can’t sign up for a New Jersey online casino account. Various New Jersey online casinos also use special downloadable browser plugins such as Loki which every new player has to download first. These plugins are important because they check your Wi-Fi data and add this information to their map which helps them to create an extremely accurate reading of where in New Jersey you are actually located.
There are two more very important components that contribute to the overall accuracy of New Jersey’s online security fence. The first is your personal mobile number, which you have to submit as part of your application for a player account at any of the New Jersey online casinos. This must be a working mobile number and the casino will send you a unique code to your mobile which you will then need to enter into your application page, just to make sure it is a working number.
The last piece of technology used by New Jersey online casinos use to pinpoint your location is through your IP address (Internet Protocol). Any computer logged onto the web will show its IP address, which is a fairly accurate way to track the location of the network used to log online. Of course there are now plenty of highly sophisticated virtual private networks available which dedicated gamblers can use to divert their IP address, making it appear as though they are logging in from New Jersey when in fact they can be located at any other point around the globe. However, to get the most out of a VPN, one has to pay for it, which may be a bridge too far for most gamblers. Professional gamblers on the other hand, may be quite prepared to offset the cost of a good VPN with the winnings they can potentially make at New Jersey online casinos.
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