Some of the best consolidation devices on the market today are smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note8, replacing cameras, music players and video recorders. Other products like the iPad Pro are said to have enough power to replace your computer! However, there are many other gadgets too that do interesting things by fusing the function of two or more devices into a single unit; and below are different ideas where this approach makes sense – and where it’s functional.

1. A Powerbank and Router in One

The powerbank is a powerful lifesaving gadget used for keeping your smartphones on for gaming, streaming video and audio, taking photos, booking cabs and other battery-hogging activities. On the other hand, a pocket router is a good idea for people who use laptops on the move – instead of an unsightly dongle sticking out of a USB port, having a wireless device is a good idea. Thanks to numerous data plans available, such pocket routers are useful as spare Internet connections in times of need.

Take a moment and imagine a router with a big internal battery capable of operating as a powerbank as well? It’s no longer a dream, because such devices exist like the Huawei Wi-Fi E5770 Pro. The router’s 5,200-mAh battery can charge your smartphone to full power at least once, and it can operate as a portable router for up to 17 hours – and you do not have to worry about charging two devices!

2. Earphones and a Fitness Tracker in One

The smartwatch was designed to free people from having to carry their smartphones around for tracking their exercise routine. Today, there are earphones like the AirPods with which you no longer have to be bothered with tangling cables. However, companies like Bragi have gone a step further and eliminated the need for wearing a gadget on the wrist in order to track the activity levels.
Bragi’s maiden product, the Dash, consists of a pair of wireless earphones that are integrated with tracking capabilities like heart rate and motion sensors. In addition, the device is fitted with an internal storage capacity of 4GB for storing music, you’ll no longer have to wear or carry any other gadget on your runs anymore!
This idea makes sense considering that smartwatches are already making fitness bands immaterial. Plus, you may already have a nice looking watch you don’t want to wear during your rough activities.

3. A Laptop and Tablet in One

Over the last few years, there have been several attempts at consolidating a laptop and a tablet. There are the transformers that have their screens pop off the base and convertibles that have screens swivel 360 degrees or bend over backwards to convert from laptop to tablet mode. Then there are gadgets that look like tablets at first glance, but turn into a computer once they are attached to a keyboard case and kickstand using magnetic latching.

Marrying the two, a tablet and laptop, is not easy. A tablet is expected to be easy to hold, lightweight, and in a manageable size of under 12 inches for great touch screen experience. A laptop, on the other hand, requires a comparatively larger screen, more power, and capability to run computer grade operating systems like Ubuntu. Current devices run on Intel chips, but future devices running on ARM chips will likely result in better battery life and in-built cellular connectivity capability.
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