If you are a developer then you must have your favorite text editor on your system, but it is always a good idea to give a try to new application. Sublime Text Editor is proprietary application and been around since 2008, it is written using C++ and Python programming language, it cross-platform available for Linux, Windows and Mac.
Sublime is source code editor with a Python application programming interface (API). It natively supports many programming languages and markup languages, and functions can be added by users with plugins, typically community-built and maintained under free-software licenses.

Goto Anything: Use Goto Anything to open files with only a few keystrokes, and instantly jump to symbols, lines or words.
Multiple Selections: Make ten changes at the same time, not one change ten times.
Command Palette: The Command Palette holds infrequently used functionality, like sorting, changing the syntax and changing the indentation settings.
Distraction Free Mode: When you need to focus, Distraction Free Mode is there to help you out. Split Editing: Get the most out of your wide screen monitor with split editing support
Instant Project Switch: Projects in Sublime Text capture the full contents of the workspace, including modified and unsaved files.
Plugin API: Sublime Text has a powerful, Python based plugin API. Along with the API, it comes with a built in Python console to interactively experiment in real time.
Customize Anything: Key Bindings, Menus, Snippets, Macros, Completions and more - just about everything in Sublime Text is customizable with simple JSON files. This system gives you flexibility as settings can be specified on a per-file type and per-project basis

  • Cross platform (Linux, Windows, Mac OS)
  • "Goto Anything," quick navigation to files, symbols, or lines
  • "Command palette" uses adaptive matching for quick keyboard invocation of arbitrary commands
  • Simultaneous editing: simultaneously make the same interactive changes to multiple selected areas
  • Python-based plugin API
  • Project-specific preferences
  • Column selection and multi-select editing
  • Extensive customizability via JSON settings files, including project-specific and platform-specific settings
  • Compatible with many language grammars from TextMate
  • Auto-save, which attempts to prevent users from losing their work
  • Spell check function corrects as you type.
  • Macros and Repeat the last action.
  • Customizable key bindings, a navigational tool which allows users to assign hotkeys to their choice of options in both the menus and the toolbar.
  • Find as you type, begins to look for the text being entered as the user types without requiring a separate dialog box.
  • A wide selection of editing commands, including indenting and unindenting, paragraph reformatting and line joining.

Sublime Text Editor is proprietary software but it can be installed and offers unlimited evaluation that means you can use it free of cost and don't have to buy license and it will never expire.

Available for Ubuntu 17.10 Artful/17.04 Zesty/14.04 Trusty/Linux Mint 18/17/other Ubuntu derivatives
To Install Sublime Text Editor in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

To install stable version add this repository

To install development version add this repository

Now to tistall Sublime Text Editor run these command

That's it
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