Alkasir is an free, open-source and cross-platform (Linux, Windows and Mac) tool that lets you access the blocked websites, it is developed by Walid al-saqaf. With its split-tunneling feature, Alkasir can optimize bandwidth consumption to provide better speed compared to many other circumvention tools.
The initial release of this tool was back in May 2009 only for Windows and it was closed-source back then, and later on it got to point where source was available and made available for Linux and Mac, now it is getting updates from time-to-time. As a way to metaphorically signal its main task of breaking through digital firewalls and allowing users access to blocked websites.


  • Currently Alkasir only works with Chrome and Chromium web browsers
  • Start the Alkasir application and ensure that it is working by verifying that the icon on the system tray exists and is red in color.
  • Click on the red tray icon and choose "Open in web browser". If the page does not open in Chrome you need open it manually in Chrome by going to .
  • Follow the setup instructions shown in the web browser page. This will include the installation of Alkasir’s Chrome browser extension.
  • Verify that the Chrome extension icon is not grayed out. It should be red in color. If it is red, then congrats! Now you can report blocked websites and access them!

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