WPS Office is a slang for Writer, Presentation ad Spreadsheets, formerly known as Kingsoft Office. It is free (basic version) Office suite available for all platforms Linux, Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. A fully featured professional-grade version is also available for a subscription fee.
WPS Office mimics almost entire look and basic set features from Microsoft Office, and you can't easily make a different between Microsoft Office and WPS Office. WPS office suite comprises a word processor, presentation tool, spreadsheet and more, and is fully compatible with Microsoft document formats. WPS Office has grown to huge popularity and successes among Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS and Linux, a high-performing and cheaper alternative to Microsoft Office.

Fully compatible with Microsoft Office (.DOC and .DOCX); Insert photos, tables and charts into documents; Rich text, page and paragraph formatting features; Collaborate with others using track changes and comments; Open multiple documents in one window using Tabs; Drag and Drop paragraph adjustment tool to easily change page formatting.
wps writer

Presentation: Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint (.PPT); Insert photos, videos, custom animation and more; Create graphs, charts and tables; Open multiple presentations in one window using Tabs.
wps presentation

Spreadsheets: Fully compatible with Microsoft Exel (.XLS and .XLSX); Worksheets supports functions for finance, statistics, IT, engineering and more; Insert photos, graphs, charts and tables; Auto-fit cells to their contents; Includes a 100 common functions and formulas; Auto-contract condenses and summarizes cells with large volumes of content.
wps spreadsheet

Note: If you are using 17.10 Artful/17.04 Zesty/16.10 Yakkety then you need to download libpng12-0 dependency because it is not available in these versions of Ubuntu repositories. If you are running 64bit and for 32bit download.

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