Nowadays, more and more laptops replace personal computers in everyday life. A laptop is that kind of a gadget, which fully replaces PC, but the one you can easily take with you on vacation, in the park, or to the office. Laptops are small, functional, high-powered, and low cost. The strong sides only. The market of technologies confirms the statement that laptops definitely win in this long-term battle with desktop computers. So, the winner is obvious. Now it is time to make a right choice only. So, if you want to avoid a sorry choice in 2017, pay attention to the new generation of Linux laptops.

Many years ago Linux was considered to be an outcast on the market of operating systems. Time passed, and Linux-based gadgets have become the largest competitor for others. Now they offer modern technologies, applications, and programs (notebooks, video calls, torrents, popular games, online pokies for real money, photo editing, music streaming, etc.). So, what are the most worthy Linux gadgets for 2017?

Top 3 Linux Laptops
The Linux product range is quite diverse and interesting. This short list of 3 laptops is only the tip of the iceberg. But it is definitely the best part of it.
  • Alpha Litebook: It is a nicely designed and aesthetic laptop. Very stylish. Very lightweight. The laptop consists of the standard proprietary power connector, Ethernet jack, and USB ports. Alpha Litebook version has new elements additionally to the standard ones. There are several unique changes in the OS under the hood and comes with useful programs. The battery life is also improved (up to 8 hours). The only problem occurs when typing a document. The cursor is not stable, which makes typing experience irritable. Generally, it is a perfect combination of elementary OS and simple technologies.

  • The next Linux gadget is Purism Librem 13: It is a privacy-oriented laptop. The laptop has a slim minimalist design and extra secure system. What makes it different from the others is an idea of developers that only a customer should be able to control his entire device, but nobody else. Purism Librem 13 was created to become the most secure and privacy laptop on the market. The only thing that may stop you from buying it is a higher price range than other laptops have. But many customers are ready to pay those prices for respecting the customers’ freedoms and complete privacy.

  • System76 Galago Pro: It is a brand new and fresh product of Linux from System76. A combination of qualitative configuration and hardware. System76 Galago Pro is very thin, modern, and well thought-out. It has a high DPI screen and large storage capacity. The biggest disadvantage of this model is tiny print and tiny panel. However, this problem can be easily improved in the settings window. This laptop is a great option for those who are looking for extremely qualitative, but lightweight notebooks at the same time.

We are not trying to say that other products are not competitive in any way.
This is not sponsored post by any of these brands.
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