After 12 to 14 years of upbringing, it becomes difficult for the parents to let go of their kids. Most of the parents are of the view that just because their kids have entered the teenage does not mean that they no longer need supervision. Based on this mindset, they install parental control apps on their kids’ device. Youngsters, on the other hand, do not approve of their parents keeping tabs on what they do online, who they hang out with, what they talk about, etc. They consider it a blatant breach of privacy among other things. As parental controls have empowered parents more than ever, teens have developed a strong dislike for this particular technology. Let’s explore the underlying cause of this detestation in detail.

Takes away their Freedom

Teens want to be as free as a bird, but parental control apps take away their freedom by putting them on to their parents’ radar. These apps not only monitor the online activity of kids, but also save a copy of their text messages and chat conversations, leaving their lives fully exposed. They do not want their parents to know what have they planned for the upcoming weekend, where they spend their afternoons, who are they friends with, who their recent crush is, etc. According to Dr. Julie Carbery who is a child psychotherapist, freedom plays the role of cocaine for youngsters. They are addicted to it to the extent that they can do anything to get it. She further explained in her study that freedom is a motivational force that keeps kids moving. Kids hate the idea of parental controls on their devices, as they fear that it will take away their freedom.

Invades Their Privacy

As kids grow older, they crave privacy and personal space while adjusting to the growing complexity of life. They have to deal with the physical, emotional, and psychological changes they are going through. It is the time when they learn and experience new things, some of which they wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with you. It’s not that they are doing something wrong and they want to hide it from you, they just need their own space. They do not like the idea of their parents knowing every single thing about them. Digital supervision deprives them of this privacy, which explains their dislike for it.

Raises Trust Issues

Installing a parental control app on kid’s device makes them feel that you do not trust them because if you really do, then you can directly ask them anything you want to know, like where they are going, whom they are friends with, what they do after school, what they do online, etc., instead of monitoring their devices. This feeling is quite disturbing for teens and it ultimately affects your bonding with them, as they start feeling uncomfortable with the fact that you trust parental controls more than you trust them.
When it comes to parenting teens, then the best approach is to be supportive and nurturing instead of being critical and controlling. Instead of relying solely on technology, show some faith in your youngsters and their honesty as well.
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