There are plenty of free docks available for Ubuntu, here comes one with price tag. Developer of this dock asked me to checkout his application and I found it lightweight, fast, simple and easy to use dock, by using it you will get feeling of Mac OS X dock (used in Mac 10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9). You can easily manage files, folders and application on this dock.

ubuntu for dock

According to developer it is runnable on all current Ubuntu versions since it doesn't depend on any kind of dependencies and don't use base packages. If you continue to purchase it via Ubuntu software center you will get continuous support for this dock.
It was designed as a unified core mode to avoid complex about the code architecture. It uses very optimized and well customized drawing algorithms for CPU, RAM and GPU without using heavy OpenGL. So the zoom size can be over 800% (another Docks are all 400% as maximum) and the animation is very fast and flexible with using new algorithm.

Main Features:

ubuntu for dock
  1. Add/remove your favorite applications/folders/files with using DnD action.
  2. Detect and Show running applications on Dock.
  3. Add/remove any applications that running with the context menu of the item.
  4. Launch/Quit applications that being on Dock with once click.
  5. Switch between running applications with once click.
  6. Quick browse folders on Dock and open files on Dock.
  7. Resize with drag on separator bar of the Dock.
  8. Flexible magnitude effect and fast animations.
  9. Runnable on window managers that does not support composite as LXDE, openbox, blackbox, flexbox.
  10. Runnable on un-composite mode of the window managers as XFCE, Gnome Mate and so on.


How to get and install it? There are three ways.
The First way is search for "Dock for Ubuntu" on Ubuntu Software Center.
The Second way is that install from Ubuntu software center
The Third way is to directly buy deb packages from and install deb.

How to run Dock? There are two ways.
First one:
Open file browser and go to /usr/share/applications.
And then open "Dock for Ubuntu" or ubuntu_dock.desktop at there.

Second one:
Open terminal and enter following commands.
$ cd /opt/ubuntu-dock/bin
$ ./ubuntu_dock

How to insert your favorites to Dock? There are two ways.
First one:
Open file browser
Goto location, /urs/share/applications
Drag any application icon from there and Drop on Dock’s left side by the separator.

Second one:
Run your favorite application
Click Mouse right button on the icon of the Dock.
Click "Lock to Dock" item.

How to remove your favorites to Dock? There are two ways.
First one:
Dragout item you want remove from Dock.

Second one:
Click Mouse right button on the icon of the Dock.
Click "Unlock from Dock" item.

How to start on boot?
Open 'Startup Applications' > Click Add > write in command field /opt/ubuntu-dock/bin/ubuntu_dock

My Remarks

I would buy this dock if I need to run it in lightweight environment, if I need more functionality then would prefer to go with other docks such as Cairo-Dock, Docky, or Plank. I hope developer will add more functionality to this dock.

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