Yawls stands for Yet Another Webcam Light Sensor, it is a small Java program created for Ubuntu, it adjust the brightness level of your display by using the internal/externel webcam of your notebook as an ambient light sensor, that uses the OpenCV Library and designed to comfort and save energy of your laptop battery. Yawls can also be used from command line interface and run itself as a system daemon, two times a minute it runs and adjusts the brightness of the notebook screen with reference to the ambient brightness. It doesn't engage webcam constantly, as mentioned above in a 30 seconds interval it uses the webcam and leave it for other programs to use. The interval time can be adjust from GUI or from config file if you are using CLI version
It also has face detection option which can be useful if you sits in dark room and yawls can adjust screens brightness as per your needs, by default this option is disabled, you can enable if you intend to use it. After very first installation you must calibrate yawls otherwise it may not function properly. If it causes problem somewhere between usage then re-calibrate it. If you found any kind of bug in the application then report it via github or launchpad.

It can be installed in Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid/Ubuntu 15.10/14.04 Trusty/Linux Mint 17.x/17/other related Ubuntu derivatives.
First of all you must enable universe repository from Ubuntu software sources then proceed to install this deb file.

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