Camicri Cube Server is an awesome portable package manager, which is created by Jake Capangpangan to manage Linux packages offline/online that means it can facilitate your Linux computer which isn't connected to Internet. Camicri Server is written in Vala language, an open source programming language managed by Gnome community. Last year we did share CamicriCube which has GUI and written by same developer in C# and .Net languages. Unlike CamicriCube, the Camicri Cube Server do not have any GUI and it uses Javascript, HTML, and CSS to perform its operation in any web browser, as a front-end UI.

Another interesting thing about Camicri Cube Server is that it is available for Linux and MS Windows, it doesn't require any kind of dependencies to run on both platforms, which means if your Linux computer doesn't have the Internet connection or for some reason you can't connect your Linux computer to the Internet then simply you can use Windows version to download packages (it even could be your network drivers for Linux or so) and install downloaded packages on your offline Linux computer.

How it works?

Basically Camicri Cube Server can facilitate any Debian/Ubuntu based distribution, you can follow these screenshots as guide for both Linux and Windows versions of Cube-Server.

When you run server then it will ask to create a new project

It will auto-update the repositories on start

This is the main screen where you can manage your packages

Click on package you want to download and it will automatically download package including dependencies

Real time download progress

This is where your downloaded packages saved (Deb files), in the following location /home/username/cube-system/projects/your-project/data/packages

Using menu you can access the main features of Cube Server

Under its settings you can manage different options for the Cube Server

How to install?

One more thing to tell you guys that Camicri Cube Only support Debian/Debian based distributions like Ubuntu. There are two ways to install Camicri Cube Server on Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint/LMDE/other Debian derivatives, one is to install via PPA and other method works for all Debian distributions.

Install via PPA

Install in Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid/14.10 Utopic/14.04 Trusty/12.04 Precise/Linux Mint 17.x/17/other Ubuntu flavors & derivatives open Terminal Press (Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:
After installation open Camicri Cube Server from the Dash/Menu.

To uninstall Camicri Cube Server which is installed from the PPA, use the following commands:

Install using zip

Install in Debian/Ubuntu/LMDE 2/Linux Mint/other Debian derivatives open Terminal and enter following commands in the Terminal:
>>For 32bit

>>For 64bit

After installation run following command in Terminal to run the Cube Server:

To uninstall Cube Server installed from zip, run following commands in terminal:
>>For 32bit

>>For 64bit

Official Links

You can download Windows version of the Camicri-Cube-Server and take a look at the official tutorial written by developer. Don't forget to give them feedback on their social page linked below.

Leave a comment below: what do you think about this great tool.

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