First of all I would like to apologize for being late with this stuff, usually we don't get late but this time we have had a lot of stuff in pipeline, so it is really difficult to manage everything on the daily basis. All those icons which are available via our PPA now available for Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet. I am not going to write a long post just to tell you guys that we have done this :) , so here is the list of icons:

Acyl Icons and Acyl Icon Manager
Aery Icons
Artnet Icons
Awoken and Kawoken Icons
Buttonized Icons
Buuf Icons and Buuf Remix Icons
Colored Plastic
Darkenza Icons
Elemint Icons
Faenza Icons and Faience Icons
Flatwoken Icons
Ghost Flat Icons
Hi-Light Icons and High-Delight Icons
ieos Icons
Magical Light Icons
Malys-ex Icons
Malys-Uniblack and Malys-Uniblue
Matrilineare Icons
Meliaesvg Icons
MintX-Colors Icons
Mylo Xylo Icons
NouveGnome-Color Icons and NouveGnome-Gray Icons
OSX-Nostalgie Icons
Sky-Blue Icons
Snow Sabre Icons
Square Beam Icons
Ubudao Style Icons
Blue Remix Icons
zonColor Icons
FFW-Fast-Forward Icons
FS Icons
G-Xiria Icons
iLinux Icons
Kawaiki Icons
Sigma Metro Icons
Sovietec Icons

Other icons you can find here.
Let us know if we missed something.
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