FullRecall is free software that can help you to memorize things easily for long period with the minimum time of investment. This program is multi-platform available for Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS X, Maemo, Android, and Pocket-PC. Underlying artificial neural network gradually grasps your forgetting curve to schedule optimal days for the reviews–i.e., days when you will be close to forgetting an information.
Everyone has different style of learning but the best method for everyone is constant repetition, not much stays in our brain forever without reviews, this special computer application offer you help by giving the possible way to create a database of question and answers sets and practice them until you get them right. If something is important to you, you'll think about it from time to time—these repetitions, conscious or not, will reinforce your memory of this fact. In order to not forget we have to do repetitions.
Fullrecall ensures that you remember new things without forgetting what you have already memorized. Reviews are scheduled on days when you're close to forgetting, so sometimes you may actually forget an information, but Fullrecall learns from these mistakes, self-corrects scheduling, to minimize chances of such lapses in the future.

How does learning with Fullrecall look like?
The software is similar to common flashcard programs: knowledge is stored in question-answer pairs. You add the question-answer pairs yourself (coming up with a concise, clear-cut question-answer pair, for every information, is a learning experience by itself), or use ready-made question-answer collections. In review mode you'll have presented the questions, one by one. To every question you'll think about an answer, and after a while you'll be confronted with the correct answer. After seeing the correct answer, you'll be asked for a grade that estimates how well you remembered the correct answer. The grade gives Fullrecall a feedback. The program stores also other data, given current grade is able to schedule next optimal review time. With Fullrecall you can learn new things fast, without worrying about repetitions of what you remember—the software assures that even if you forget something that is in your learning database, you'll be soon reminded about it.

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  • Scheduling of repetitions is taken care of by neural network that learns about your pace of learning
  • Support for Unicode, open file formats, images, sounds
  • Text formatting (bold, underline, strikeout)
  • Possibility to do most operations from keyboard
  • Multi-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Maemo, and less powerful versions: Android, Pocket-PC, online)
  • Auto-backups
  • Statistics
  • Auto-grab-clipboard mode that helps in creation of question-answer collections
  • Search supporting regular expressions and fuzzy-matching
  • Can work without installation, also from an USB memory
  • Fullrecall is lightweight and fast

>>Available for Linux (Ubuntu/Fedora/Linux Mint/other distributions)
To install FullRecall in Linux open Terminal and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

To run FullRecall program, enter following command in terminal:
That's it
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