This book presents the fundamental concepts of Office 365 for consumers. You’ll get an overview of Office 365 and learn to understand the program on a higher level.

A Guide to Microsoft’s Cloud Productivity Suite” consists of 15 small chapters that provide a basic understanding of Office 365 and explain installation, the major features, benefits, plans and so on.

This eBook will shed light on some of the following topics:
  • Office 365 System requirements
  • How to install and configure Office 365
  • How Office 365 is different from Microsoft Office?
  • An overview of the features in Office 365
  • A quick look at the different plans
  • Consumer plans in detail
  • Office 365 free trial
  • How does Office 365 boost your productivity?
  • Is an Internet connection a requirement?
  • Mobile apps for Office 365
  • Office Online

This book is usually available for purchase at a price of $12.95. But we’re offering it for FREE until 8/5/2014. Don’t wait!
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Office 365 is another big thing that comes with default premium security features. Office 365 is a cloud-based suite that comes with a security guarantee of Microsoft, businesses and enterprises prefer using switching to it for the number of productive apps it furnishes. Apparently, you can consult an Office 365 cloud migration service provider to help you with the security requirements of the cloud.

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