Install CopyQ Clipboard Manager in Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic/14.04 Trusty/13.10 Saucy/12.10 Quantal/12.04 Precise/Linux Mint 17/16/15/14/13/and other Ubuntu derivatives

CopyQ is advanced clipboard manager with searchable and editable history with support for image formats, command line control and more. Command interface and graphical interface accessible from tray. By default the application stores any new clipboard content in list in the first tab. CopyQ looks like a typical clipboard app that resides in the system tray and lets you quickly copy things around directly from context menu. But that’s just the beginning here, because it has many more amazing features in its arsenal. CopyQ allows you to search clipboard entries and can store any type of information, from simple texts to images or links. Main window can be opened by either left clicking on tray icon, running command copyq show or using system-wide shortcut (configurable from Preferences).

  • Store text, HTML, images and any other custom format.
  • Customize tray menu.
  • Save items in new tabs.
  • Quickly browse through items (fast navigation, filtering with matched text highlighting).
  • Sort items, create new, remove, copy/paste to different tab.
  • Variety of system-wide shortcuts (e.g. show main window or tray, edit clipboard, copy next/previous item, paste as plain text).
  • Immediately paste to focused window from tray or main window.
  • Fully customizable appearance (colors, fonts, transparency).
  • Advanced command-line interface and scripting.
  • Ignore clipboard copied from some windows or containing some text.
  • Apply custom commands on selected items or automatically when new matching clipboard content is available.
  • Open video player if text copied in clipboard is URL with multimedia,
  • Store text copied from a code editor in "code" tab,
  • Store URLs in different tab,
  • Save screenshots (print-screen),
  • Load all files from directory to items (create image gallery),
  • Replace a text in all matching items,
  • Run item as a Python script.



Keyboard Shortcuts:
  • Item list navigation >> PgDown/PgUp, Home/End, Up/Down
  • Tab navigation >> Left, Right, Tab, Shift+Tab
  • Move selected items >> Ctrl+Up, Ctrl+Down
  • Cycle through item formats >> Ctrl+Left, Ctrl+Right
  • Hide window >> Escape
  • Exit >> Ctrl+Q
  • Edit selected items (in place) >> F2
  • Edit items in external editor >> Ctrl+E
  • Open action dialog for selected items >> F5
  • Delete selected items >> Delete
  • Put current item into clipboard >> Enter
  • Show help >> F1
  • More shortcuts you can find in preferences.

Changelog v2.2:
  • Custom system shortcuts for any user command
  • Drag'n'drop items to tabs
  • Options to set position and maximum size for notifications
  • Option to open windows on same desktop
  • Scripting engine improvements
  • Various GUI improvements and fixes
  • Fix main window position in various X11 window managers
  • Fix crashing with Oxygen GUI style
  • Various GUI improvements and fixes

There was a PPA for CopyQ but then maintainer of that PPA dropped support. So I decided to keep this App in NoobsLab PPA.

To install CopyQ in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press CTRL+ALT+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:
That's it
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