PlayOnLinux is a graphical front-end for the Wine software compatibility layer which allows Linux users to install Windows-based video games, as well as many other applications such as Apple iTunes, Safari, Microsoft Office (2003 to 2010), Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Fixes in this version:
  • Changelog move from plaintext to Markdown syntax.
  • read script lists in utf8 when looking up script to install.
  • (experimental) new algorithm to find installed Python version, implements fallback which is probably overkill.
  • New version of PlayOnLinux Vault 4.0.4:
    • Adding lzop compression if available (fast compression with medium compression rate).
    • Add a "Save" shortcut in PlayOnLinux side panel.
  • Fix double utf-8 decoding of shortcuts.
  • Add POL_Shortcut_Configurator.
  • Modified POL_System_wget to keep error messages from wget.
  • Updated PNG icons with broken profiles, thanks to calvertyl (
  • wine-mono download support.
  • Fix POL_SetupWindow_message typo (not enough video memory message).
  • POL_LoadVar_Device: refacto POL_DetectVideoCards; Let user choose when there's more than one known videocard present.
  • Add link to download page in side panel when version is not up-to-date Not sure it's visible enough, could be improved.
  • Added logging to archivers wrappers (POL_System_unzip etc.).
  • Update mono download URLs.
  • Updated IRC server address, domain is gone.
  • Harden applications list parsing.
  • force LANG=C when spawning wineconsole.
  • fix typo in bash/manual_install.
  • Developer feature: allow to override function scripts When global configuration ALLOW_FUNCTION_OVERRIDES is set to TRUE, function scripts in $POL_USER_ROOT/configurations/function_overrides/ override function scripts by the same name. This feature disables bug reporting.
  • Fix website login when username contains spaces.
  • "Run an .exe in this virtual disk" sets current directory to program's directory.
  • fix "wineserver not found" in interactive use of POL_Wine_Direct3D / POL_Wine_X11Drv / POL_Wine_DirectSound / POL_Wine_DirectInput.
  • Remove use of os.system() from and (less overhead, less quoting nightmare).
  • Add missing POL_Wine_AutoSetVersionEnv before wineserver calls.
Note for following install method: All dependencies will be install via third command, It will be mess to write dependencies command for each Ubuntu version. So this is easy method for every user and for written Ubuntu versions to install PlayOnLinux.

To install PlayOnLinux in Ubuntu 11.10/11.04/10.04/Linux Mint 12/11/9 open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the terminal:
That's it
For other distributions see download page

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