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Hosting your website in shared server resources can compromise both speed of access and security of your site. A dedicated server is always a better option. But this comes for a high price. However, if you opt for virtual private server, then you can save on money, and get almost the same advantages as you would have got with a physically dedicated server. Your virtual private server will run a copy of the operating system which you want to use. This brings us to the question of advantages of Linux VPS hosting over Windows VPS hosting.

Windows operating system has long stolen a march over Linux when it comes to operating PCs, laptops etc. However, in case of server, both physical as well as virtual, Linux seems to have an advantage.

Advantages of Linux VPS hosting over Windows VPS hosting

Linux beats windows in terms of cost

You may need to install a number of software in the VPS in order to host and manage your website. If you opt for windows VPS hosting you are going to need license for each software you install into your VPS. This increases the cost. On the other hand Linux is open source. You do not need licenses to run Linux software. This automatically brings down the cost of your VPS.

Avoid viruses

image: vpswebserver
Virus and malware is a nuisance for servers. With windows VPS hosting you are going to need a host of security software to shield the VPS and your website from them. However, in a Linux environment you are not going to have these issues. Being open source and architecturally strong Linux is considered to be resilient to virus and malware. So that is a big sigh of relief from the security aspect.

System resources

A VPS shares the physical resources of a server. Over reliance on availability of physical server resources can bring down the performance of VPS. But with Linux operating system you can optimize the applications as well as the VPS itself to use less resource. This lets the VPS work much more independently and effectively.

Popular technologies

Linux supports the most popular technologies in the field of website design such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP etc. With the combination of these applications in a Linux environment you will have the flexibility to serve websites from contents in a database such as in the case of wordpress. You can also do URL rewriting to enliven the PHP pages in your website or portal.


If your website is linked to database or it needs database support then a Linux VPS will be the best for you. This is because the most widely used and popular database are MySQL and PostgreSQL. These databases are relational in nature and allow for optimization of communication between database and website. This helps the website in sourcing data from database.

Web software

Web softwares such as wordpress, drupal, joomla and some others come for free along with linux operating system. Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging platforms today.

So Linux VPS hosting has a genuine advantage over Windows VPS hosting, and if you want to take advantage of the most preferred blogging tools, most popular database and do not need to have .NET technologies then the choice is quite clear.
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