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Li Hong Wu has announced the release of Linux Deepin 12.12, an Ubuntu-based desktop distribution featuring the Deepin desktop environment (based on GNOME Shell) and available in English and Chinese (simplified and traditional) variants: "Yes, the long wait is finally over and a new stable and awesome release of Linux Deepin, version 12.12, is ready for you. After a year of hard work, we are happy to bring you a free operating system with the unique Deepin touch - stable, easy and elegant. Linux Deepin 12.12 features a brand-new desktop environment, called DDE or Deepin Desktop Environment, an enhanced Deepin Software Center, as well as DMusic, DPlayer and DSnapshot." Read the full release announcement to find out more about the Deepin desktop environment and other features, and to view screenshots.

linux deepin
Splash/Boot Screen

linux deepin
Login Screen

linux deepin
Menu Launcher

linux deepin
Deepin Software Center

linux deepin
Nautilus File Manager

linux deepin
Deepin Audio Player

linux deepin
Deepin Media Player

linux deepin
System Setting

What's new?
  • Application Launcher
  • The Dock Panel
  • System Settings
  • Deepin Software Center 3.0
  • Login Display Manager
  • DMusic 2.0, DPlayer 2.0 and DSnapshot 2.0

Because of slow server speed we hosted iso on our drive.
Our Drive: Deepin_12.12_32-bit.iso (1.14GB) - Official Download: (Mirror)
Our Drive: Deepin_12.12_64-bit.iso (1.17GB) - Official Download: (Mirror)
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