Install LightDm in Linux Mint 13 Maya

Many People don't like MDM (Mint Display Manager) login screen, they prefer LightDM instead of MDM. Linux Mint 13 brings MDM as default login manager but you can change it easily with LightDM. First of all you will install LightDM then some tweaks for LightDM like removing guest account, Ubuntu logo and white dots. So lets start!

To install LightDM in Linux Mint 13 open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following command in the Terminal:

When installation will start Terminal will ask you two options "LightDM" and "MDM", You need to choose "LightDM"

>> Now Remove Dots from LightDM
Enter following following commands in the Terminal to remove white dots from login screen:

>> Remove Ubuntu Logo from LightDM

>> Disable Guest Account from LightDM
If you don't want Guest account you can easily remove it, Enter following command it will open text file.

Now add this line at the end of file

>> Get back MDM (Mint Display Manager)
If you want to get back MDM simple enter following command in terminal and choose MDM option in Terminal:
That's it
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