Install Enlightenment Desktop in Ubuntu 12.04/11.10/11.04/10.10/10.04/Linux Mint

Enlightenment is not just a window manager for Linux/X11 and others, but also a whole suite of libraries to help you create beautiful user interfaces with much less work than doing it the old fashioned way and fighting with traditional toolkits, not to mention a traditional window manager. It covers uses from small mobile devices like phones all the way to powerful multi-core desktops (which are the primary development environment).


These provide both a semi-traditional toolkit set in Elementary as well as the object canvas (Evas) and powerful abstracted objects (Edje) that you can combine, mix and match, even layer on top of each other with alpha channels and events in-tact. It has 3D transformations for all objects and more.

To install E17 Desktop in Ubuntu/Linux Mint open Terminal (Press Ctrl+Alt+T) and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

Now Logout and Choose Enlightenment from Gear.
e17 desktop

Now Setup Shelf
Right Click on Shelf/Panel and Select Settings
enlightenment wallpaper

In Size Setting > Untick "Shrink to Content Width" and select size "32 pixels"
linux enlightenment

In Style Setting > Choose Style
ubuntu enlightenment

Now you can move icons/items from panel by select option from right click.
Desktop is Ready
enlightenment desktop

To Uninstall Enlightenment Desktop Enter following command in Terminal:
That's it
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