Linux Mint Debian Edition 201204 has been Released

Mint debian
LMDE 201204 with MATE and MintMenu

Clement Lefebvre has announced the release of Linux Mint 201204 "Debian" edition: "The team is proud to announce the release of LMDE 201204. This release features three of the best Linux desktops available at the moment: The traditional and functional MATE 1.2 desktop, the innovative and beautiful Cinnamon 1.4 and the lightweight and rock-solid Xfce 4.8. Both the MATE/Cinnamon and Xfce editions use the MDM display manager. MDM will look familiar to many people, as it brings back GDM 2.20 and all its features: Remote login, configuration tools, fast-user switching, theme-ability, language selection. Yahoo joins DuckDuckGo and is featured as default in the list of search engines which financially support Linux Mint." Here is the full release announcement with screenshots of the desktop options.

Linux Mint
Mint Debian with Cinnamon

Linux Mint
Mint Debian with XFCE

  • MATE 1.2
  • Cinnamon 1.4
  • Xfce 4.8
  • MDM
  • Yahoo
  • Kernel 3.2
  • Update Pack 4
  • Hybrid ISO images

Download (SHA256):
Linux Mint-201204-Mate-Cinnamon-dvd-32bit.iso(1,243MB)
Linux Mint-201204-Mate-Cinnamon-dvd-64bit.iso (1,180MB)
Linux Mint-201204-Xfce-dvd-32bit.iso (1,113MB)
Linux Mint-201204-Xfce-dvd-64bit.iso (1,070MB)

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