Turbo-Secure is a script for Nautilus that provides the option to encrypt and safely protect personal data. The Gnome currently has a program called Sea-Horse (seahorse) for this purpose, but you may find it somewhat difficult to configure. In addition, Turbo-Secure provides fast SSL and encryption GPG allowing users to encrypt files and text via right-click context menu in Ubuntu.

Turbo-Secure offers several types of encryption, including AES 192bit, 256bit, RC 40bit & 64 bit Blowfish and more.

When encrypting, a wizard will guide you through the process of encryption. In the first step, you will be prompted to select the GPG or SSL encryption standard. GPG is used to protect personal data (especially text) and SSL is recommended to encrypt personal data.

In the following steps will be presented with a series of dialog boxes to configure security settings. He asks you to specify the input mode manual or automatic password, or store your password so you must enter the password each time you encrypt a file or store passwords on your hard drive for ease of use.

During the wizard script, you will be asked what type of encryption you want to use, for example, AES 256-bit, 192 bit AES, 3DES, DESX, 128-bit AES, DES, 40-bit RC4, Blowfish, CAST, CAST5, RC2 40-bit and 64 bit RC2.

Note: This Script is not Recommended to Newbies

Installation of Turbo-Secure:

Once the encryption options will be added to the context menu (right click menu) on your Ubuntu .

Here is the Page of Turbo-Secure on Gnome-Look.
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