Install LibreOffice 3.5 on Ubuntu 12.04/11.10 Oneiric Ocelot/Any Ubuntu Version/Linux Mint

New Features and Fixes:
- Writer
  • displaying non-printable characters to the end line to change the spaces simply
  • better support for Persian and Arabic characters
  • The window also displays the properties of the image resolution in PPI
  • improved UI for creating, removing, editing and display of edges and end-page, headers and footers without having to change the formatting of the pages
  • the counter of the words is updated in real time as you write
  • improved the function of AutoText when working with formulas
  • The Print window now displays the current page by default
- Calc
  • support up to 10,000 sheets, with improved performance in tasks involving very sheets
  • the notification of errors in the formulas entered is visually more pleasing and more help in correcting
  • new option to specify the default number of sheets in the new documents
  • the bar for the insertion of the formulas can be extended over multiple lines
  • best representation of the curved lines in the graphs, lostandard supporting ODF 1.2
  • it is now possible to copy a single cell to multiple cells
- Impress/Draw
  • The elliptical arcs are imported and displayed correctly (the first were ignored and not supported)
  • better management of the list of custom animations that because of the UI rendered tedious and longer than their creation
  • support palettes and other integrated properties, a choice can now be saved with the file ODF rather than only to external files
  • Impress now starts by default without displaying the wizard to create the presentation, however, changed option

First of all remove old office with following command:

Now Download Libreoffice from following link

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