Ubuntu being an open source initiative is bound to be a constantly changing environment. There have been around 14 releases of Ubuntu so far and the 15th is all set to roll out in October of 2011. The upcoming entrant nicknamed the Oneiric Ocelot has been reviewed and previewed by many Linux geeks and has been found to be very efficient.

All its Alpha and Beta releases have ensured the fixing of majority of the bugs arising during user testing. We expect the final version to be released soon to incorporate a new look and feel in the Ubuntu Line-Up.

But before any one got their hands on the Oneiric Ocelot, Canonical the parent company of Ubuntu has announced the schedule of release of the 16th version of the Ubuntu i.e. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The Ubuntu 12.04 has not been christened with any code name yet but from the LTS tag we can understand that Canonical will release the Long Term Support version of the OS. This version is going to be discussed in Ubuntu developer summit, which is going to be held in October-November 2011.

The new version will be available around December of 2012. But the Alpha and Beta versions besides the Release Candidate version will all be available before the release of the final version in December.

According to Ubuntu developers, the Ubuntu 12.04 has a new release schedule. There will be two Alpha versions, two Beta versions, then there will be a release of the Release Candidate version and finally the complete version will be released.

The schedule of the release of Ubuntu 12.04 with exact date is as follows.
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The Ubuntu 12.04 being a LTS release will be expected by many to be a strong OS with remarkable performance and support for features.

Ubuntu 12.04 Wiki Schedule
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