Customizing various parts of the Unity desktop isn’t exactly hard – most features can be adjusted using the ‘Compiz Config Settings Manager’ tool.

But CCSM can be an intimidating tool to play around with. It contains more than just basic Unity features, so the potential for the screwing up your system is ever-present.

MyUnity, a new application by Italian developer Fabio Colinelli, aims to take the fear our of tweaking Unity.

The app as a whole is less intimidating than accessing many of the same features from the Compiz-ConfigSettings manager.

It also groups together many areas of settings into the one window.

Amongst its features are: -
Change Dash, Launcher and Panel transparency
Adjust Dash blur
Display ‘home’, ‘trash’ and mounted drives on the desktop
Adjust launcher size, backlights and hiding preferences
Tweak font settings, including size, RGBA and hinting

Likely to prove especially useful is the ‘reset to default’ button. This is perfect for when you change something you didn’t mean to and want to revert.

The Drawback

As great as the application sounds there is, presently, one drawback: the user interface is in Italian.

I know one phrase in Italian, and that’s the title to an Abba song, but I managed to figure out what most of the options did/were for.

Thankfully the developer says that an English version is to be released shortly.

MyUnity is available for Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 (and 12.04 if you’re already on that bandwagon).

To Install open terminal and copy the following commands in the Terminal:

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