Install Gnome3.2 Sonar and Elements Themes for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot Unity 

Theme Installation Instructions:
Unzip and copy to ~/.themes and use the GNOME Tweak Tool to switch theme and titlebar. To switch the theme manually, you will have to use the dconf-editor in GNOME 3.
You can fine Gnome Tweak Tool Here.

1 > Elements Theme for Gnome Classic and Gnome Shell

Unity/Gtk2.0/Gtk3.0/Metacity Theme based on elementary Gtk2.0/Gtk3.0/Metacity. Gtk3.0 has been almost completely rewritten from scratch and modified with unity panel support while retaining the elements that make that theme awesome.

For gnome3 classic and gnome shell use ElementsGS theme included.

Download Elements Theme Gnome Shell+Classic DevianArt Link

2 > Sonar Theme
-This is a GTK3 port of Sonar used by default in openSUSE. 
-The theme comes with the metacity theme and the GTK2 version. License and authors are in the theme directory. Note that the metacity theme and GTK2 theme are not my work, just distributed via GPL.
-Wallpaper: Terraform-green (part of the official GNOME backgrounds).
-Icon Theme: Sonar(openSUSE).

Download Sonar Theme from DevianArt Link

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