AriOS is based on Ubuntu. It's look awesome. We have checked Previous AriOS 3.0 Version, it works good and looking cool.

AriOS has a lot of features which makes it a suitable OS for everybody.

  • Elegant, productivity-oriented user interface: desktop layout has been carefully designed to help you achieve maximum productivity. AriOS helps you utilize the precious screen space by omitting unnecessary panels.
  • Best for offline computers: almost all you need is available (office suite, media players, image editors, instant messenger, microblogging client, system tools and even a virtualization solution). If you are on a slow dial-up connection AriOS is a good option.
  • Super Stable: AriOS is released a few months after each new version of Ubuntu when most bugs have been fixed and the base system has reached its most stable state.
  • ‌Bleeding Edge Packages: AriOS is not a rolling release distro, but for some apps it uses Getdeb and PPAs instead of official repositories so that you can always have the latest and greatest versions!
  • Driver Installer: AriOS comes with a handy utility that can install drivers for your video card (Nvidia & ATI) without an internet connection.
  • Tweaks: Almost every aspect of the OS has received special attention to make the system look coherent and well-polished.
  • Support: The AriOS team do their best to provide support and answer questions promptly.

Download AriOS 3.0.1:
AriOS 3.0.1 (32bit) International Edition
AriOS 3.0.1 (32bit) Iranian Edition

AriOS 3.0.1 (64bit) International Edition
AriOS 3.0.1 (64bit) Iranian Edition

Enjoy AriOS Based on Ubuntu.

Here is the Homepage of AriOS and here is the Project on Sourceforge.
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