Release notes for macbuntu-iso 11.04

If unity starts automatically during live session, you have to log out (i don't know how, but you can create a new user and switch user) and in again with "classic ubuntu" to get rid of unity.

As "Macbuntu theme" is't released for ubuntu 11.04 and creates some problems during install, mac4lin have been used instead (macbuntu is based on mac4lin). The look is the same with some exceptions. During boot its no apple and login screen is not changed.

Wubi is included, tested by some users telling that it doesn't work correctly, so don't use it.

Download: Macbuntu-iso 11.04 (32-bit)
md5sum: bc710fe292d9c39d922383339db7b2ff

Download: Macbuntu-iso11.04 amd64.iso (64-bit)
md5sum: 39b2fe0387109826d5bd9b10ad19cbf9

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