Found another version of Ubuntu named "AriOS".
AriOS Released now version 3.0, I test this version its work fast and really looking cool.

Here is the information about AriOS Ubuntu.

OS from Ancient Persia

AriOS is a GNU/Linux operating system based on Ubuntu. AriOS comes with many extra applications, multimedia codecs, flash and java plugins, many tweaks and a unique look and feel! AriOS is not just Ubuntu+extra packages. It has been carefully designed to help you get productive instantly instead of spending a lot of hours configuring your system. AriOS word could be translated into “The Operating System from the Ancient Persia”.

AriOS 3.0 Ubuntu
Here is the download links.
The Standard Edition: AriOS 3.0 International Edtion
The Iranian Edition: Exactly the same as the International Edition but with Persian keyboard layout, Persian fonts, a Jalali calendar app and English-Persian dictionary. AriOS 3.0 Iranian Edition

Here is Previous Version of AriOS is Available:
AriOS 2.0 Version. (Not Checked by me)
Homepage of AriOS.

You can install any operating system from USB Stick, for installation of this use unetbootin.
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