How to upgrade Windows Anytime in Windows 7

In this Tutorial, we will show the method you to upgrade you edition of Windows 7 and keep your current programs and setting.

You can use Windows Anytime Upgrade option to upgrade your 32-bit windows version to 32-bit windows version or from 64-bit to 64-bit version of Windows 7. However, Windows Anytime Upgrade cannot upgrade your 32-bit windows version to 64-bit windows version or 64-bit version to 32-bit version of windows 7.

          From Windows 7  -  Anytime Upgrade to Windows 7

  • Starter                   -  Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate
  • Home Basic           -  Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate
  • Home Premium      -  Professional, Ultimate
  • Professional           -  Ultimate

Windows Anytime Upgrade is only available for online Purchase.

Now Start Upgrading.

  • Open Start Menu and Click on Windows Anytime Upgrade
Windows 7 upgrade

  • Click on second option Enter an upgrade key
Windows 7 upgrade key

  • Now Enter The Upgrade Key
Windows 7 wallpapers

  • After the verification of key on the Next screen Click on I accept
Windows 7 verification

Windows 7 license

  • Now wait and on Next Screen Click on Close 
Windows 7 sp1 upgrade

Windows 7

Note: Now when using Anytime Upgrade option with Service Pack 1 installed, You may receive a message.
Upgrade was not successful 
  • Close this error window.
Windows 7 upgrade error

  • Now Restart your Windows Manually after that Upgrade will continue.
Do it your own risk we're not responsible if something happen to your Operating System.
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