XiX Player is a free easy to use multi-platform music player that currently runs in Linux, Linux ARM (Raspberry Pi), Windows & MacOS.

xix music player

Changes in this release versions:
  • Rip CD: Artist name did not show when reading CD information. 
  • Added library support. You can have as many different libraries (Folders that you want to in/exclude) as you want, and change on the fly. You can however only use one library at once.
  • If a library is found when config file needs to be renewed, you can import your folders in the wizard.
  • Possible to chose your audio device
  • Scheduled Radio Stream Recording can be made recurrent. Recordings can be renamed and copied automaticly.
  • If LAME and/or FLAC are not installed, you will get the message before the track actually gets ripped
  • In Multi Tagging you can now select to include or not the lyrics for all selected songs
  • Unselecting Follow song works again
  • In full Media Mode you can swipe right/left for next/previous song. You can swipe up/down to change volume (Tablets)
  • QT4: Fixed a problem with switching between Fullscreen Media Mode and normal mode.
  • Fixed an error which trimmed the FLAC idVendor by one char at the end
  • Linux: Fixed a lock-up with the Full Screen Media Player when leaving with double click
  • Reflection of CD Cover was removed when radiostation was played. Fixed.
  • Plugin for loading Lyrics
  • Sorting order for searching Lyrics
  • New Progressbar. No Mousewheel support for now
  • Better UNICODE support (Still work in progress)
  • Change Fontsizes

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